If you're looking to learn more about animal rights or the vegan lifestyle, there are excellent resources available online. Here are a few of my favorite sites.


This comprehensive site includes a lot of background information and philosophical arguments against any uses of animals. Some of it is opinionated, but thought-provoking nevertheless.

The Green PLate

Once you've decided to try the vegan lifestyle, this site has your back! It explores all aspects in a fun and interactive way, and is a great resource for food options.

Free from harm

If there was a vegan equivalent of Huffington Post, this would be it. In addition to excellent educational materials, it is frequently updated with current news items and issues of the day.


For many vegans, it was a hard-hitting, heart-wrenching short film, documentary, or movie that first inspired the switch to a cruelty-free lifestyle. These 37 must-watch documentaries will open your mind and heart to living a vegan lifestyle.