About the Presentations


More than meats the eye

We live in a meat and dairy-centric society, where 99% of animal products come from factory farms, where animals live short, painful lives—almost 10 billion in 2016 in the US, and 56 billion worldwide. Factory farms employ abusive practices that maximize profits at the expense of the environment, our communities, animal welfare, and our health. Farmed animals are ever-present in our daily lives as food and clothing, yet they are almost entirely invisible in our society.

Over the 12 years of running the Sanctuary, I’ve given educational tours to thousands of visitors of every age group, and spoken at festivals and conferences for animal welfare and healthy lifestyles. Adapting this public speaking to the classroom, I combine the story of my path to activism, founding a sanctuary for farmed animals, with the largely hidden facts of animal agriculture--on the animals, the environment and human health, and weave in my experiences with some of the hundreds of individual animals whom I’ve known and cared for over the years. 

My presentations challenge students and groups to take a closer look at our food system and the uncomfortable truths behind it. No matter our dietary choices, thinking about what is at stake with eating animals allows us to critically examine our traditions, our culture(s), and the relationship between us and the world. It forces us to think about our consumption habits and the ethics of our everyday choices.